Welcome to Baby Clothes

You have a new baby – the most adorable child in the whole wide world. And, quite naturally, you want to dress that little bundle of love in quality clothes which will enhance the appeal of this latest wonderful addition to your family.
We, at have taken great care in creating the very best clothing range for your offspring throughout the first 12 months. We have left no stone unturned to find the best fabrics, not only in terms of quality, but also comfort, because we know from experience that a baby can become exceedingly fractious if it is wearing uncomfortable or ill-fitting clothing.
You need something that is kind to baby's skin, that does not tickle, irritate or scratch, but something that also looks good. Here at we are very fashion-conscious. We keep up with current trends to ensure that your baby is a thoroughly modern Milly – or Charlie; or whatever. You will find baby clothing for the girls that will have them looking very much in the pink, while you will feel like singing the blues all day long when you sift through our collection for the boys.
However, if you find the pinks and blues a little 'old hat' – or even boring - why not take a look at our simply FAB collection for your delectation and delight - a personalised range of clothes that provides you with something different – and extra special. From baby grows to rompers and t-shirts you can personalise our FAB collection in a number of different ways to leave your child bringing even more admiring – and envious – glances. You can select from the chic to the cheeky, from the classic to the cute, from the fashionable to the fun, and, as with all our other clothing these are made to the highest standards from the best possible sources. What is more, they are just for you – truly unique. And at reasonable prices too! What more could you want?

Baby Clothes